Confined Space Entry course

As known, IMO gives special attention to the issues of enclosed/confined space entry.
This is primarily due to the high level of accidents related to this activity on vessels. Actually, work in confined spaces involves a number of serious dangers.

First, we deal with atmospheric hazards: lack or excess of oxygen, as well as presence of toxic and explosive gases. Besides, there exist purely mechanical hazards associated with working in confined spaces, where one can trip on something, hit his head or fall from loftiness, where it is necessary to work with tools for cutting, rust removal, welding machine and so on at close distances.

Naturally, many companies have long been developed the procedures to work in a confined space. Enclosed Space Entry represents the activity that definitely requires appropriate Risk Assessment and Permit to Work. However, practice shows written procedures being non-sufficient. The crew should be provided with training on a constant basis, to actually organize safe prolonged work in confined spaces (welding, lining and painting, installation of pipelines and others). Currently, many ship owners choose the crew to be aware of and obtain the primary skills of working in confined spaces before being hired.

Meeting high standards of safety on board and the requirements of Shipping Companies, Tramontana MA developed and implemented a training course on safe working in confined spaces.
More information about Enclosed Space Entry Course can be obtained via e-mail.