Aramco Examination Training Course

The course is designed to prepare offshore segment seafarers for passing the theoretical and practical exam and them work under Aramco charter. 

To work on vessels under Aramco charter, every seafarer must pass Marlins test (the training course is also provided) to confirm English skills and a personal interview with Aramco inspector, during whicj the candidate demonstrates theoretical knowleage and practical skills within his duties, as well as knowleage of local rules, polices and other requirements for work in Aramco area. 

The Aramco Examination Training course includes theoretical information, regulations and requirements for ships and platforms performing supply and rig move operations in Aramco zone actual for 2019. As well as a simulator of practical exercises in the question-and-answer format, which are most often asked by Aramco inspectors while evaluation process. 

The Aramco Examination Training is constantly updated with the new questions and answers as Tramontana MA has 10 years  of experience in employing seafarers on ships working in Aramco charter and always keeps a finger on pulse of recent amendments and requirements. 

Preparation will signigicantly increase your chances for getting a positive Aramco evaluation!

The course is available in English at Aramco Examination Training