Marlins Training Course


The course contains all relevant Marlins tasks grouped for every position. Besides, Marlins Full Study Pack course is constantly updated with the new incomming tasks. 

In total, the course includes:

  • 30 listening dialogs;
  • more than 370 tasks to choose the right grammatical pattern, including images and making sentences from words;
  • over 300 vocabulary tasks, including images and distribution of words in the semantic phrases;
  • 50 tasks to learn and use numbers;
  • 100 tasks to choose the correct pronunciation of words;
  • 20 thematic texts

The course is on interactive user-friendly online platform. There is a possibility to coordinate with a tutor.

The registration is available at Marlins Full Study Pack link

By gaining access to the course once, you are provided with the full time access to the laterst Marlins test materials!