H2S Awareness Online


As a part of distance lerning, Tramontana Training Centre offers H2S Awareness online training program available both in Russian and English. Additionaly, we implemented a new user-fliendly online platform to present course.

Organization of Safe Labour training programs is one of the employer's duties observed under the Labour Code. All personnel working on a site with potential risk of H2S contamination should be properly trained, medically fit for duty and know how to use personal protective equipment. 

Personnel who haven't passed appropriate training are not allowed to work or to be present on a field where H2S can be present. 

The competence of employees in safety directly effects the Company's efficiency!

The online H2S Awareness course covers the following aspects:

- Characteristics of H2S;

- Exposure to H2S;

- Protective measures;

- Working with H2S;

- Rescue & First Aid.

The English training course is adapted to International Safety Standards and regulations. Educational material for Russian version of H2S training is adapted to Russian standards of safety labor practices in Old & Gas Sector.

To register to the course please follow the link: 

H2S Awareness