Bridge / Engine room Resource Management

On the eve of the new academic year, the Tramontana Training Center has developed and implemented new training programs - Bridge Resource Management (BRM) and Engine room Resource Management (ERM).  In addition to the existing programs, which include H2S Awareness, Confined Space Entry, MLC-2006 Familiarization, and intensive English courses, our training center now offers an opportunity to pass Bridge/Engine room Resource Management (BRM / ERM) program and receive certificates testifying to the successful completion of classes, following the 1978 STCW convention with amendments.

The mentioned training programs have been successfully implemented thanks to the close cooperation of Tramontana Marine Agency, The Black Sea Higher Naval Academy. Besides, as well as the joint use of the capacities of the training equipment of the skill enhancement faculty.

Training is a combination of theoretical and practical exercises and cases. The participants will, during the lessons, gain knowledge of and training in BRM/ERM skills in a realistic simulator environment. When using the simulators, the practical exercises reinforce the theory and provide an opportunity to train the participants in entering into a co-operation during routine and critical situations and thereby avoiding emergencies.

The BRM & ERM Training is a partly classroom-, partly simulator-based course with a focus on developing the interpersonal skills of the crew through extensive simulator-based exercises.

The target audience of the course covers the senior officers of the deck and engine departments.