The aircrafts of the Great Patriotic war era were lifted from the bottom of the sea

MPSV «SPASATEL DEMIDOV» lifts the aircraft of the Great Patriotic war era from the bottom of the sea

June 14 to 18, the operation of searching and rising of two IL-2 attack planes from the bottom of the Kerch Strait was executed. These are the planes that could not be lifted during the activities carried out April 13-19.
The first part of the operatin to raise the aircraft shot down during the Great Patriotic War from the bottom of the Kerch Strait was launched April 13 by the Azov-Black Sea branch of the FBI "Marine Rescue Service of Rosmorrechflot" together with "Fertoing", LLC. Due to adverse weather conditions, the events were suspended.
During the two phases of the operation, the high ice-class multi-purpose salvage ship of «SPASATEL DEMIDOV» vessel crew, jointly with "Fertoing", LLC divers lifted 4 fuselages of the legendary IL-2 attack planes from the sea bottom. Aircraft raisen by forces of the MPSV of «SPASATEL DEMIDOV» were delivered to the city of Gelendzhik for further restoration.
In the cockpit of one of the aircraft, remains of the crew were found. Due to the fact that the aircraft engine number remained preserved, the experts established the names of the victims - a pilot Ivan Sedov and chasseur Boris Fridman. December 5 1943, their IL-2 was shot down while on the way to the base.
The second IL-2 was piloted by Eugenii Moshko. According to the archives, it is known that the plane was attacked twice, the pilot was seriously wounded in the stomach, lost control and the plane crashed into the water. The pilot was picked up by a passing vessel, though after a few days Eugenii Moshko died. The fate of the chasseur is still unknown.
After research and restoration activities, all planes lifted will be presented in Russian museums as part of the expositions devoted to the Great Patriotic War. Since 2006, 206 planes were lifted from the bottom of the Kerch Strait. The search activities will be continued.
"Flying Tanks" (as IL-2 is christened by the military) were shot down over the Black Sea in 1943 during the the Red Army Kerch-Eltigen operations.